Saturday August 20 2011
Della Valle: 'Stop hiding, Inter'

Fiorentina patron Diego Della Valle has urged Inter chief Massimo Moratti not to “hide behind an ambiguous ruling” over the 2006 Scudetto.

Della Valle repeatedly called for round-table talks to discuss the controversial title, which the FIGC confirmed it could not strip despite new Calciopoli evidence purely because the statute of limitations has expired.

Moratti hit back with an open letter on Friday asking Della Valle not to be “manipulative. The matter has already been resolved by the competent institutions.”

Late Friday night, the Viola owner warned Inter were making things more difficult for themselves.

“They are trying to transform and manipulate a very serious matter into some sterile summer controversy,” snapped Della Valle.

“I will respond to Moratti's comments in a Press conference next week, before the season kicks off.

“I hope Moratti will take part in that Press conference too, finding the necessary courage to accept this proposal.

“It would be good and useful for the spirit of clarification and peace, which I asked for from the start, if Moratti were here so we could both clarify our positions and our behaviour before, during and after the scandal.

“Hiding behind an ambiguous ruling certainly cannot be enough for all those who love football and justice.

“I repeat it is our duty to make things clear for our fans and the whole football world, so we can begin the new season with more calm and less violence. It would be a nice gesture and an important step towards the reformation of a future football we all hope for.

“I sincerely hope Moratti finds the necessary courage and accepts this proposal rather than fuelling long-distance controversy that resolves nothing.”

Some clubs have urged Inter to forego the statute of limitations to open up a trial into the new Calciopoli evidence, which suggests the Nerazzurri were also guilty of trying to influence the assignation of referees.

Juventus have pledged to go through the civil courts to have the 2006 title either returned to them or left unassigned.

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