Saturday December 4 2010
Cannavaro agent accuses Napoli

Paolo Cannavaro's contract renewal saga drags on and his agent blames Napoli. “The club wants to get rid of a symbol.”

The captain will be a free agent at the end of the season, but there continue to be delays in extending the deal.

“When there are contract renegotiations, we must always face the same issues, which are length and compensation,” explained agent Gaetano Fedele on Radio Amore.

“Specifically, if Paolo were to renew his contract with Napoli, then clearly the objective would be to end his career at this club.

“Paolo started with this club in Serie B and hopes to soon bring Napoli to the top of European football. It is the dream of every Neapolitan and it'd be a shame if that didn't happen.

“We always say there are no more ‘bandiere', those players who are club symbols, and that we live in a world of football mercenaries, but when there is the chance to keep such a symbol, people try to get rid of them.”

Cannavaro is one of the few home-grown players in the Azzurri squad and grew up with his brother, 2006 World Cup winner Fabio, near the San Paolo.

“President Aurelio De Laurentiis said he wanted to create a Napoli team of Neapolitans. He performed a miracle in saving the club, but now he needs to consolidate his position and decide what rapport he intends to have with the Neapolitan people.”