Saturday December 4 2010
Malesani: 'Win to cancel out penalty'

Alberto Malesani urged Bologna to beat Cesena so that they can make up for the one-point penalty. “We need to make up ground.”

The Rossoblu were docked one point this week due to financial irregularities, as President Sergio Porcedda failed to make specific tax payments.

“I'd like to say many things, but I think it would be a mistake. I limit myself to my work, which is on the field,” commented Coach Malesani.

“We need to get points against Cesena and Chievo so that we can immediately cover ourselves in case there are further penalties. The sooner we do that, the better.”

Bologna are expected to be docked another two points as the investigation into the financial problems at the club continue.

“We know there is that risk. If we make up the lost ground beforehand, then we are stronger mentally,” argued Malesani.

“It's a good group of lads and we want to honour our profession right to the end, so we can have no regrets.”

This fixture is also a local derby that has not been played in Serie A for 19 years.