Wednesday August 24 2011
Ulivieri chains himself to FIGC HQ!

Renzo Ulivieri, President of the Managers' Association, has chained himself to the railings of the Federation headquarters in an unprecedented protest.

The 70-year-old former Coach of Bologna, Napoli, Cagliari, Parma and Torino among others is the chief of the AIAC (Italian Association of Football Coaches).

This evening he chained his right ankle to the railings of the FIGC headquarters on the same day as players threatened to go on strike over the collective bargaining contract, but he has different reasons to protest.

“People are failing to notice that the coaching certificate is no longer required for those training at the junior level, first and second divisions,” said Ulivieri.

“Seeing as it looks like the Serie A players will go on strike, I will get started before them and begin a hunger strike, because this situation is being ignored.

“If the certificate is no longer needed, then 5,600 Coaches would not be able to work and 100,000 players would find themselves without a manager.

“This is the real scandal of the summer, but obviously compared to Serie A the figures are smaller and so nobody is excited enough to get angry about it.”

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