Saturday August 27 2011
Galliani: 'Everyone take a step back'

Adriano Galliani urged both the players and clubs to “take a step back out of respect for the fans” after this weekend's Serie A strike.

The Players' Association (AIC) called the strike after talks broke down over the collective bargaining contract with the union of top flight clubs (Lega).

“The fans do not deserve to be treated this way,” Milan Vice-President Galliani told the Gazzetta dello Sport.

“It is necessary for the Lega and the AIC to take a step back out of respect for the fans.”

The two sticking points in negotiations are the solidarity contribution to go towards unemployed players and the rule barring clubs from forcing certain players to train separately from the squad.

“The AIC has to give up on the solidarity contribution for this season and the Lega give up on the collective deal, but only for this season. Let them resolve their internal problems first.

“Now we must try to calm the tone of the debate and above all avoid this situation turning into a debilitating long-term strike.

“The Lega President has been robbed of his powers to such a degree that now everybody and no-one seems to be in charge.”

A meeting of the Lega is set for September 1 and the clubs will try to work out a temporary agreement to avoid further strike action.

It is also possible the Federation will step in to take control of the negotiations and sign the collective bargaining contract on behalf of the Lega.