Sunday August 28 2011
Serie A strike to hit Week 2?

As players warn they could carry on the strike into Serie A Week 2, the FIGC intervenes. “We cannot accept that.”

The opening weekend of the top flight season was called off by the Players' Association (AIC) after the union of clubs (Lega) refused to sign the collective bargaining contract.

“After a year and a half of waiting, we couldn't do anything other than strike,” Lazio defender Guglielmo Stendardo told Il Messaggero newspaper.

“It is not about money, but defending our rights and our dignity, particularly with regards to Article 7 ensuring all players can train together.

“Without an agreement we will not play, because we are ready to carry on this strike indefinitely. Every professional has the right to train with the squad and not be marginalised in his working environment.

“We understand it is difficult for a Coach to deal with a squad of 30-35 players, but that's certainly not our fault. We should follow Spain in limiting squads to 20-25 players.

“It's a pity the first round of the season was postponed, as we wanted to play, but I hope the fans can understand what we're trying to achieve.”

Serie A Week 2 is set for September 10 and 11, as there is a break for the Euro 2012 qualifiers, but the AIC warn without a deal they could continue the strike.

“We cannot sit here twiddling our thumbs, nor can we accept the strike calling off Week 2 as well,” slammed Federation President Giancarlo Abete.

The FIGC chief is set to hold separate meetings with the AIC and Lega on Monday in a desperate bid to work out an interim agreement.

The players had offered to negotiate a temporary deal to call off the strike on Friday, but the Serie A clubs refused to even discuss it.

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