Tuesday September 6 2011
Forlan shocked at Champions ban

Diego Forlan admits he was shocked when discovering he couldn't play in the Champions League for Inter. “I was told it was OK.”

The Nerazzurri included the striker in their UEFA list, but he is ineligible until January because he played in the third preliminary round of the Europa League with Atletico Madrid.

So did Antonio Nocerino at Palermo, but he is allowed to play for Milan because his former club failed to qualify.

“When I understood that I was on the market and negotiations had started with the Nerazzurri, I decided not to play in the Europa League against Guimaraes,” Forlan told Spanish radio.

“They told me all I had to do was not step on to the field against the Portuguese side in the play-off to ensure I wouldn't compromise my chances of playing in the Champions League with Inter.

“The truth is, I didn't understand the situation. I did not know the rules properly and thought that would be enough. I was told it was OK.”

It's not clear who told Forlan this was the case, as his agents have denied keeping the situation from Inter during negotiations.