Wednesday September 7 2011
Rossi open to Italy tactical changes

Giuseppe Rossi has no preferences between the two-man attack and the 4-3-3, both used by Italy to beat Slovenia.

“It was a very difficult game with Slovenia massing behind the ball, so we had to wait for the right moment to break through,” he said of the 1-0 victory.

“We had a few chances and in the end found the great goal from Giampaolo Pazzini.”

The Azzurri started out with a 4-3-1-2, but the introduction of Mario Balotelli and Pazzini transformed them into a 4-3-3. Which tactic does Rossi prefer?

“It's not a problem for me, as I can play wherever the Coach wants me to.”

Rossi now goes back to Villarreal, where he'll prepare for a Champions League group alongside Napoli, Manchester City and Bayern Munich.

“The favourites are Villarreal, obviously! I think every game will be spectacular in some fiery stadiums, which is what we want from the Champions League.”