Sunday September 11 2011
Julio Cesar takes the blame

Julio Cesar has taken the blame for Inter's 4-3 defeat at Palermo. “I am truly angry with myself.”

The goalkeeper conceded two well-worked goals and two late on that he could have done better on, namely Fabrizio Miccoli's free kick and a sudden Mauricio Pinilla snapshot.

“I am truly angry with myself,” said the Brazilian. “I was having a great game, but after Miccoli's free kick I can only be angry.

“I tried to find Miccoli, as I couldn't see him start his run over the wall because he's so short, so I moved a little too far to my left. Then I went to save it with the wrong hand.

“As for the fourth goal, if I had been one step further back then I could've saved it, but unfortunately that was how it went.”

Julio Cesar famously walked home from San Siro after a poor performance, so was asked if he'd do it again.

“We're in Sicily, so unfortunately I'm going to have to take the plane... Am I too harsh on myself? To be the goalkeeper of Inter and Brazil you need to be critical.

“Still, this is our first game of the Serie A season and it will help us to learn.”