Wednesday September 14 2011
De Laurentiis: 'City are money-wasters'

Aurelio De Laurentiis admits Napoli's San Paolo “needs to be restyled,” but snipes at “money-wasters" Manchester City.

The President is in Britain for tonight's Champions League match and took a tour around Old Trafford before heading to the City of Manchester Stadium.

“The English are extraordinary and build stadiums that bring a lot of income. They even have a cell in the arena in case of violent incidents. I have never been able to understand why we can't do similar things in Italy,” said the Hollywood mogul.

“Napoli cannot grow on its own. Football is industry and without the right laws we'll continue to struggle on a purely financial basis.”

Juventus inaugurated the first stadium to be owned by a Serie A club in Italy and more are eager to follow suit if the red tape issues are cleared.

“The San Paolo needs to be restyled. As Napoli have to continue playing in that stadium, the work will take four to seven years. I have two plans, it depends on what we want to do.”

However, De Laurentiis took a sideswipe at tonight's opponents Manchester City and the huge investments made by owner Sheikh Mansour.

“Does Michel Platini want to make this financial fair play rule or not? Is it going to be respected? In any case, I have fun challenging money-wasters.”

It's this kind of comment that has got the Napoli President into trouble with the British tabloid Press, along with alleged insults towards the attractiveness of the average woman in this country.

“They lie. I studied in England in the early 1970s and say the English women, if beautiful, are extraordinarily so. I adore the English countryside and the tabloids just spread falsehoods to fire people up.”