Tuesday December 7 2010
Beretta: 'Bring enthusiasm to Brescia'

New Brescia boss Mario Beretta insists the first thing his team must do is “rediscover our enthusiasm.”

The Rondinelle fired Beppe Iachini after the 3-0 defeat at Milan, but the real problem was the side hasn't won since September.

“I am ready with a bulletproof vest,” smiled the new Coach at his presentation Press conference.

“I begin again in Brescia and hope to have better luck than Iachini, who I salute. Brescia do not deserve to be in their current position, but I'll bring my experience and staff to approach the problem.

“The objective is to stay in Serie A, hopefully as soon as possible, but even if it's on the final day of the season that will still be great.

“Our priority is to rediscover our enthusiasm and motivation.”

Iachini was sacked on Monday after a run of just three points from 11 games.

“It is never a happy decision to make, but if you are in charge of Brescia then you have to know in Serie B you need to get promotion and in Serie A you've got to stay there,” explained President Gino Corioni.

“Iachini was unlucky, but very talented. Things weren't going well and we put up with too many defeats, so the change had to be made. Beretta has never been relegated from Serie A and is the right man to save us.”

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