Sunday September 18 2011
De Rossi: 'Roma fans understand'

Daniele De Rossi believes Roma fans are “beginning to understand” the project and enjoys his new tactical position.

The 0-0 draw away to Inter saw the Giallorossi maintain possession for long periods to earn their first point of the season, but also risked with some late counter-attacks.

“I did not like the final 10-15 minutes, as we allowed too much space and lost sharpness. We risked the same counter-attacks that cost us so dearly against Cagliari and Slovan Bratislava,” said the midfielder.

“Perhaps because of our weakness against counter-attacks, we do better against the big clubs than smaller ones.

“I see great work from everyone and we are on the right track. It requires time and patience, so we are above all happy that the fans are beginning to understand that.

“The supporters applauded at the final whistle of our defeat to Cagliari. We were all amazed, as it was an incredible reaction and we really weren't used to it. That applause gave me a great deal of strength.”

De Rossi has taken on a new position, as he played in front of the defence, meaning he both blocked attacks and was the first to start new passing moves.

“I honestly think that I have found my ideal position on the pitch. If the team is organised, then you are free to make more passes. I feel greatly helped by our style of football this season.”