Sunday September 18 2011
Lucio 'never wanted to hurt' Stek

Lucio explained what happened when he kicked Maarten Stekelenburg in the head. “I have never wanted to hurt a colleague.”

The Inter defender had sprung the offside trap and was rushing towards goal when the Roma ‘keeper came off his line.

Stekelenburg got to the ball first and Lucio followed through, kicking him in the right temple. The Dutchman was stretchered off unconscious and kept in hospital overnight for observation, but only required two stitches.

“I saw the video replays,” Lucio told Mediaset. “It all happened in a split second. The ball moved quickly on the wet turf, Stekelenburg came off his line rapidly.

“I didn't see him because I was looking at the ball. I thought I'd kicked the ball and was surprised by how quickly Stekelenburg came at me.

“During the half-time break I spoke to the Roma doctor and he reassured me on Stekelenburg's condition. Thank God, I heard today it was nothing serious either, so this calmed me.

“This morning I also spoke with Wesley Sneijder, who is in contact with him and said he's doing alright.”

Lucio was booked for the challenge, though some suggest he should've pulled out.

“In all of my career I have never wanted to hurt a colleague and today I am very sad, because I never would've wanted this to happen.

“Unfortunately, these things can happen in football.”

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