Monday September 19 2011
Lotito: 'Top sides can lose at the start'

Claudio Lotito has appealed for patience from the Lazio faithful, after Edy Reja's team were booed from the pitch after Sunday's defeat to Genoa.

The Aquile fell 2-1 to the Grifone at the Stadio Olimpico, and fans vented their frustration at the final whistle, but President Lotito reflected on the defeat in a more positive light.

"Everyone reacts differently. Some will pour on the complaints, reacting ungenerously, others will differently, suffering from psychological influences.

"People of a certain age will also react differently to the unjustified loss, in recognition of the team's efforts.

"After a good first half there was a power failure, but these things can happen. We will pick up the pace, the championship is set to go on for a while.

"Udinese and Cagliari at the top? The championship is long, sometimes the top teams have lost at the beginning."

"[I'm] neither good nor clever, I am trying to cultivate understanding, and hope to be remembered for this."

His words are also an attempt to lighten the controversy that surrounds Reja's reaction to the fans' boos.

The 65-year-old Coach complained after the match of the fans' over-tendency to criticise, a point he later looked to clarify as a 'tired outburst'.

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