Thursday September 22 2011
Lotito: 'Reja received death threats'

Lazio President Claudio Lotito reveals why Edy Reja wanted to quit. “The local media instigate fans who then make death threats in the street.”

This week there was controversy when the Coach offered his resignation, which was then rejected by the club.

“You journalists have got to report fairly and not always instigate, because by always focusing on the negative aspects, some people react in unbalanced ways,” Lotito told Sky Sport Italia.

“There are people who make death threats to Reja in the street, because not all supporters have the mental balance necessary to understand the way the media works.

“A good 65-year-old man cannot walk along the street with his wife and be met by people shouting ‘You have to leave' with terrible insults. That's not criticism. It is criminal.

“How did I convince Reja to stay? I will never allow fans or journalists to attack him in a destructive manner. Reja took charge of this team in a disastrous situation, took them to safety, then only missed out on the Champions League because of goal difference.

“There is an attitude there that is aimed at causing problems. Football is sport and has rules.”