Thursday September 22 2011
Lotito blames media for Reja doubts

Claudio Lotito has launched a scathing attack on the Italian media for their role in the recent uncertainty surrounding Edy Reja.

The Lazio Coach was widely reported to be resigning from his position on Monday, before then confirming on Tuesday that he intended to remain, after holding talks with club President Lotito and the players.

However, Lotito has taken exceotion to the reports that have circulated since that suggest he was and remains on the lookout for potential replacements for Reja,

"The victory over Cesena was beautiful and deserved. Has it brought peace of mind? It has always been there in the environment between the team and the club, but no, not on the outside, on your part [the reporters].

"You have created little peace of mind with your judgements and have built a 'ghost media' claiming that I had contacted other Coaches.

"The discomfort of our Coach is your fault, and there are some media strategies that I anticipated 10 days ago, to instil doubt amongst the fans.

"You need to have greater ethics and more information to do [your job] properly. The people who wrote some of this must answer for it and prove what they wrote.. there is no sense of responsibility from those who provide information."

It follows Lotito's claims that Reja had received death threats from fans.