Monday September 26 2011
Reja: 'The frame was outstanding'

Edy Reja believes Lazio remain on the right tracks for a good season, and also praised the fans' response on Sunday.

The Aquile have dropped points in two of their last three League games, including Sunday's goalless draw with Palermo, but the Coach was in a positive mindset looking ahead.

"This year we have changed some players, and it then becomes difficult to quickly find the best solutions.

"We are not yet sufficient, but brilliant above all else is that we are improving defensively. The other departments have moved well and from the second half when we pushed forward we crated a lot and looked like scoring."

Lazio improved as Sunday's game wore on, but came up against an inspired performance by Alexandros Tzorvas in the Palermo goal.

"It is the first time this season we end a game without goals, something that is to the merit of their goalkeeper who put in a great performance. As a machine we are a little heavy at the start, but we have some good players, if we can find balance then we'll get better."

Reja also passed comment on Lorik Cana's first start for the club, and the task he faces to improve and displace other midfielders in the team.

"Lorik is a very good mediano, but there is also Matuzalem and [Cristian] Ledesma playing that role. It can be the right midfielder, but for the moment he is labouring to recover fitness. We must consider it is his first official match."

The past week saw Reja almost resign his post, before a change of heart. A press conference on Wednesday saw him then describe everyone surrounding the team as part of a 'rotten frame', but looked to improve relations post-Palermo.

"Today there was a lot of participation from the fans, they have encouraged the team to the end and I think it is also appropriate to thank them for their support.

"The frame has been outstanding, it would have been nice to win this time to erase [the last week]. I am confident and convinced that the team will do well this season because of the quality we have."

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