Tuesday September 27 2011
Agent defends Chiellini's form

Giorgio Chiellini's agent has defended his client's form at the start of the season, calling criticism levelled at the defender 'excessive'.

Davide Lippi came out in defence of the 27-year-old centre-back after he was criticised in light of recent performances that have seen the team drop four points from their last two games.

Speaking to, Lippi suggested his client was being made a scapegoat.

"He is criticised for his part in the game, but it seems excessive: as always you look for a scapegoat.

"He does not need to be defended, because he has always been among the best through Juventus' difficult years, has always given his best and has always shown his face.

"His merits aside, however, he still does not seem to have major faults over [Gonzalo] Bergessio's goal on Sunday: when an attacker comes out from behind you, there is not much you can do.

"If he did anything wrong it is in the final moments with [David] Suazo, but it seems that a mistake in his career we can't stand, and every time Juventus concede it is his fault.

"He is sincere and quiet: it is clear that he did not take pleasure in the 4.5 pagelle report [rating for performance in the Catania game], but he is a serious professional and knows that you live both in good and bad moments.

"He has been credited more faults than real ones: we hope that this moment passes quickly."