Tuesday September 27 2011
Moggi: 'Calciopoli built on thin air'

Luciano Moggi claims new evidence shows the Calciopoli trial against Juventus was “built on thin air.”

The former Juve director general was given a lifetime ban after the 2006 scandal in which the club was demoted and had two Serie A titles stripped.

He is currently taking part in the civil trial and his lawyers discovered wiretapped phone calls that allegedly suggest referees were also told to possibly favour Inter or other clubs in different occasions.

“This trial was built on thin air,” snapped Moggi as he went into the Naples court today. “Someone deliberately accused me of being the leader of a system that I am extraneous to.

“We earned those results with Juve on the field. It was a side of champions and Inter cannot cling to the defence of referees if at that time they sold Andrea Pirlo and Clarence Seedorf to sign Vladimir Gresko, Francesco Coco and Taribo West.”

Moggi's lawyer was even harsher on the Calciopoli trial.

“Some people saw their lives torn apart,” lawyer Maurilio Prioreschi told La Repubblica newspaper.

“There was a genuine manhunt. Above all, we have found wiretapped calls that were ignored by investigators, yet are crucial for our defence.

“Were they ignored on purpose? In this trial is there a ‘killer' or those who ‘hired hands'? This is a serious problem, a shame and a genuine rip-off. I expect a response from the tribunal.”

The tribunal in Naples is expected to give its verdict next month.

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