Wednesday September 28 2011
Fiorentina stadium project back on?

Fiorentina moved a step closer to returning to planning a new stadium, with the city's mayor confirming a possible location.

Matteo Renzi has identified a 40-acre plot of land to the north of the city that is close to both a motorway and the airport. The area - Mercafir - is the site of the city's old vegetable market.

"We chose the area because it is scattered across 40 acres, with many warehouses that can be demolished and in addition to the reorganisation of the market, you can think of doing other things."

Renzi went on to indicate the area of land would be completely regenerated, and that the stadium would be just one part of a new area of the city.

"The area can be used for other operations too. If it is possible, you could use find a solution that has the stadium, a sports centre, commercial spaces, offices and a hotel. We must think of the public.

"Fiorentina have all the credentials to join the project. It is an opportunity for all economical aspects of the city."

Andrea Della Valle had previously abandoned the idea of a new stadium, but is thought likely to at least consider this proposal. It also follows Fiorentina President Mario Cognigni's thoughts from earlier this week on the subject.

"We expect a proposal that gives us the opportunity to create an economically sustainable and financially surplus project that can help Fiorentina benefit and grow again.

"A similar style of stadium to Juventus? Let's say that in the 35 acres available, they can do what they want…La Cittadella viola, you know, was a more comprehensive and ambitious project for the club and for Florence.

"If now for example, they were to propose 20 acres with a commitment to the establishment of a stadium, a parking lot and kindergartens and nursery schools, it is clear that it would not be an economically viable and would not prove useful."