Wednesday September 28 2011
Cecconi: 'Still time for Bologna'

Former Bologna player and Coach Luca Cecconi has given his insight into his former team's difficult start to the season.

Cecconi played two seasons with the Felsinei in the mid-1990s before returning to the Emilia-Romagna side to coach their youth team, to take an assistant coach role with the senior squad on two occasions, and as recently as 2007 take over as caretaker boss.

The 47-year-old cast his eye back to last weekend's defeat to Inter and suggested to that the team's poor start is a mixture of organisation and luck.

"There was a bit of bad luck. But it is also true that Inter came too easily to the edge of the Bologna area [for the opening goal], so you have to try to not be subject to such dangerous counter-attacks, or to losing the ball in dangerous areas. The team has to try to keep a better tactical balance when they attack."

The Rossoblu have not scored from open play this season, but Cecconi believes this is something still solvable.

"Even in this case, they are a little unlucky not to score goals on occasions. But it is also true that at times, the offensive game has struggled to create dangerous actions. Surely for now, the forward movements are not optimal, and that they will be improved by finding the best gaming system and the suitable players to put it into practice."

Bologna have not won a League game since March 13, and not won at home since February 19.

"In the long run, continuing not to win [games] could be a problem, but I am convinced that they will taste victory soon. Besides, the real problem doesn't come until the [League] ranking becomes [clearer]. Then it is much more serious not to win at home.

"Training is something only the Coach can do, and that is every day with the squad and the players, according to his beliefs and skills. We can just make out considerations at the end of matches on the final product, i.e. the service offered by the team."

The Serie A table has seen Atalanta move from -6 points to mid-table, and Milan, Inter and Roma struggle. It also currently lists the Emilia-Romagna region's three top-flight teams in the bottom three - Cesena, Bologna and Parma.

"The start of the championship always has some surprises in store each year. Some teams are ready before others that start slow and find themselves in unexpected situations. The timing of the Emilia-Romagna teams is not the best, but problems can be solved so long as there is time to recover."

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