Thursday September 29 2011
Guidolin's Serie A priority 'obvious'

Francesco Guidolin has defended his decision to rest a number of players for their Europa League tie with Celtic.

The team travel to Glasgow without a recognised striker after Guidolin opted to rest their only available striker Antonio Di Natale at home.

There are also a number of other changes expected to the line-up, and the Coach admitted that whilst it is not an ideal situation, it is a reflection of what is needed for the team in the long term.

"The turnover of players? Mine is not a choice, it is a necessity. I care about the Europa League, but I must take into consideration other things too.

"I am making a logical choice, well-weighted, making objective assessments at a physical level.

"Toto has been a lone striker in recent years and has never managed more than two games a week. He has already played five, so I cannot risk him getting injured.

"Mine is an obvious decision, and in addition, the club has provided me with young people who it is only fair on to give them a chance to show their worth. Otherwise, how do you then say that we believe in them if they do not play?"

Guidolin was also quick to deny the decision is based on facing Celtic instead of Atletico Madrid.

"If we were facing Atletico today, or any other team, I would have applied the same selection policy."

The 55-year-old Coach is back in Scotland having holidayed there over the summer.

"I was in here in June, in the north west and I relaxed a lot, this country is beautiful. I like to find places where the dimension of time and the pace of life are very calm and relaxing."