Wednesday October 5 2011
Donadoni: 'Cagliari fans hate Cellino'

Roberto Donadoni has “still not understood” why Cagliari fired him pre-season. “The fans liked me more than President Massimo Cellino.”

The Coach had taken over mid-season, but was then sacked in the middle of August, hastily replaced by Massimo Ficcadenti.

“I am very disappointed, as I had to leave a squad of lovely lads and a city I enjoyed living in,” he told La Repubblica newspaper.

“When I met them in the street, the people of Cagliari showed me great respect, something they did not have towards the President. I was struck by that, as he seemed to be a completely different person to the one they described. Now, however, I'm starting to work out what they meant...

“Cellino is someone who understands football, but at times can also be extremely cruel. To this day I don't understand the real reason why my time at Cagliari came to an end, especially as I've only been able to speak to director general Marroccu.

“I don't want to fall into the same lack of style that Cellino had,” continued Donadoni.

“I read that the President apparently met with me after a pre-season friendly and listed my CV full of dismissals. I found that to be boorish behaviour and above all a lie, because that meeting never happened.

“Besides, I was not sacked by the FIGC, as my contract as Italy Coach had expired. I decided to leave Livorno, while my first experience at Lecco ended very well.

“Having said all this, if Cellino thought so poorly of me, then why did he hire me and then a few months later say publicly he wanted to offer a 10-year contract?”

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