Wednesday December 8 2010
Crespo lives on passion

Parma striker Hernan Crespo says it's not all about the goals, but the passion he feels when playing football.

The 35-year-old has scored six goals this season and is enjoying being back in Parma again.

Interviewed in Il Corriere della Sera, he said: "You can count all the goals you want, but in the end football is feeling, old values, the desire to run like a kid, the pleasure to give a spectacle.

"When I stop, I will be remembered not for the goals but for the emotions that I have gifted.

"My desire to train is always the same. Then, it's clear, that the key to everything is playing.

"It's tough to be on the bench. But the experience has taught me to know how to wait.

"You can't train instinct, but movement, yes. For example, it's fundamental to know your partner, above all, if, like me, you don't score by dribbling past 10 players."