Wednesday December 8 2010
AIC confirm Serie A strike is off

The Players' Association has confirmed this weekend's strike will be called off. “We have a deal and will sign it tomorrow.”

The AIC had called a strike for the weekend of December 11-12 in protest at the failure to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement, but talks went on for seven hours on Tuesday.

“We are taking advantage of the public holiday to check with the players if this deal is acceptable,” explained AIC Vice-President Leonardo Grosso on Radio Sportiva.

The issue of forcing transfers on players has now been scrapped, while the matter of making players train separately from their teammates will be decided during the campaign.

“The ‘incriminated' article must be rewritten, but it's just an issue of principle that a player has the right to train with his teammates.

“We're on the right track and have effectively done most of the work, it just needs to be finalised.

“We want to avoid the situation where there is a squad of 30 players and 29 of them train together, but one is on his own because he turned down a transfer.

“Clearly the world has evolved and there can be separate training sessions, but we only want to ensure one player isn't left to play keepy-uppy in the back garden just because he won't renew his contract or accept a particular transfer.”