Saturday October 15 2011
Mangia: 'We lost the plot'

Devis Mangia admits Palermo “lost the plot” against Milan, as they failed to get a single shot on target.

“We played a bad game and it's only right to acknowledge that,” he said of their 3-0 defeat.

“Quite clearly we lost the plot, so let's not beat around the bush. I was unable to transmit the right grit and courage to the team, so we didn't challenge Milan on the same level, but these incidents can help you grow.

“We've got to analyse the difference between our performances at home and away. Maybe that is my fault in the way I prepare the matches.

“I certainly made a mistake in preparing for this particular game and I take full responsibility for the defeat.

“We needed more courage and to keep the Milan players away from our penalty area.”