Wednesday December 8 2010
Malesani: 'Get your wallet out!'

Alberto Malesani celebrated the victory over Chievo, but warned financially chaotic Bologna “we can't go on like this. Someone get their wallet out!”

The club has already been docked a point for failing to pay certain taxes and could be further penalised due to unpaid wages, but President Sergio Porcedda is struggling to find new investors.

“This victory sums us up perfectly,” he said of the 2-1 rescheduled Serie A match this afternoon.

“The exchange between Vangelis Moras and Marco Di Vaio on the 2-1 result showed how much we wanted to win. We have 19 points, but in reality we'd have 20 and should therefore be ahead of Fiorentina, on level terms with Chievo. It's a miracle.”

However, the Coach turned on the club owners for making the situation so difficult for his squad.

“As I have already said, I won't bite the hand that feeds me. I hope Porcedda can emerge from this situation with his head held high.

“I liked this project from the start and have faith, but someone now has to get their wallet out, because we can't go on like this.

“Someone has to help from the authorities too, as there are €12m locked down from pay-per-view television rights and with an advance we could go on until February.

“We cannot end the club this way. I can say that if the wages situation isn't sorted out soon, then the players will take legal action.

“The squad is united and will all work together, just as we are now. They are professionals and prove it every week.”

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