Monday October 17 2011
Moratti: 'No-one likes to look bad'

Massimo Moratti has declared that Inter simply need to dig themselves out of their current predicament, as they hover above the relegation zone.

Interviewed outside his Saras offices in Milan on Monday, the Inter President confirmed that the team are going through a difficult moment.

"I'd say so but I firmly believe that the foundations are in place for us to do better. We do have to pick ourselves up, that's for sure."

Inter remain in 17th place after their fourth League defeat of the season and they currently have the worst defence in Serie A having conceded 13 goals from six games played.

"It's a funny moment. It's worrying when you find yourselves in situations like this because no one likes to look bad. And you hope to figure out how to put it all right. We simply must dig ourselves out of this."

Moratti was heavily critical of refereeing standards this season immediately after Saturday evening's defeat to Catania - a game that saw the Rossazzurri equalise through a contentious penalty award.

Today Moratti insisted that his public protests with the qualify of match officiating are not linked to the team's struggles.

"No, it's got nothing to do with the league standings. It's to do with the fact that three of the four penalties awarded against us weren't penalties. That's all. Mine was quite a mild outburst; it wasn't such a bad thing."

When asked what effect refereeing decisions have had on the team's early struggles this season, Moratti was brief in response.

"Who knows. We've played badly too."