Monday October 17 2011
Sneijder urges Inter to unite and fight

Wesley Sneijder has called upon his Inter teammates to 'unite, run and fight together' in order to return to winning ways.

"The situation is clear and under the eyes of everyone watching we have not done well in Serie A. Four points in six games is something nobody expected at the start of the campaign, but we have all season to recover."

Sneijder has returned to the squad ahead of their Champions League trip to France to face Lille in midweek.

"This is perhaps the first game that we have a complete squad available - apart from [Diego] Forlan. Wins are the most important thing and it is time to start fighting all together, once again becoming a team. In these situations you have to win and nothing else.

"At this time we have to play as a team. We are more or less the same group as two years ago when we won everything.

"We must all work hard and have to help out more, but I'm not afraid of the situation. I have good feelings for and trust in Inter. We will emerge."

The Dutch playmaker revealed the team have done extensive homework on Tuesday evening's opponents, but reiterated his belief in his teammates to counter the French champions.

"Lille won the French championship, has quality players and we must be careful when playing away.

"They are strong when they play at home, but we want to win and if everyone plays to their best then we can do it. We have studied Lille and know they have good individuals."

Speaking to Il Corriere dello Sport, Sneijder reiterated his earlier point of the team rediscovering a unity to their performances, something he believes is key to gaining control of fixtures.

"We need to dominate the game, especially when we are leading the score. It must start from the good things seen in recent weeks and we must try to eliminate the oversights.

"It is also a matter of the mind - if you don't win, you are nervous. Everyone who has returned must be united, to run and fight together. We must continue to keep control of games.

"I play my best games under pressure. See you tomorrow…"