Tuesday October 18 2011
Torricelli questions Del Piero timing

Moreno Torricelli was left surprised by the timing of today's announcement that Alex Del Piero will leave Juventus in 2012.

Although it was widely anticipated that the almost 37-year-old would not play for the club beyond 2011-12, Andrea Agnelli's words have come as a shock.

"I was left open-mouthed when I heard the news," Torricelli, who played alongside Del Piero at Juventus for six years in the 1990s, told TMW. "I didn't expect it in a moment like this.

"However, if the President said what he did then it would certainly have been in agreement with Alessandro.

"Personally speaking, though, I think they could have waited…"

With the decision to part playing ways seemingly made, now it remains to be seen whether Del Piero will play on, possibly in America, or take a director role at Juventus.

"It depends on just him," Torricelli added. "If he still feels like a player then he will continue, otherwise he'll remain a Juventus flag-bearer.

"He is a Bianconero, he's surpassed all of the club records. I think and I hope he can stay in Turin."