Sunday October 23 2011
Guidolin: 'We won't be top for long'

Francesco Guidolin is enjoying Udinese's top spot, but insists “the big clubs will put the table right soon enough.”

The Friulani are still unbeaten and today's 3-0 victory over Novara made them the sole leaders, breaking away from Juventus.

“We are going to enjoy this moment, even if we're only guaranteed it until the midweek round in Wednesday, so can't even relish it for a whole week,” smiled the Coach.

“Can we challenge for the Scudetto? Let's not joke around here. We played well today and deserved to win a difficult match.

“Our position cannot help but be provisional. Once the season gets into full swing, then the big clubs will put the table right soon enough.”

Udinese's next test on Wednesday is against one of those teams who want the top spot: Napoli.

“We are fully aware we could emerge with broken bones from this test, but we will certainly try to play it to the best of our abilities.”

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