Wednesday October 26 2011
Chaotic rush for Bayern-Napoli tickets

Napoli have had to suspend the sale of tickets for the Bayern Munich match after 7,500 fans turned up at the San Paolo.

It was known there would be a huge rush for the tickets to their Champions League game at the Allianz Arena on November 2, but this was more than expected.

Only 2,500 tickets are available at the stadium, plus another 500 to be sold online.

Around 500 fans camped out overnight outside the stadium after the 2-0 victory over Udinese.

This morning around 7,000 joined them and the crush for the precious tickets was simply too much for the staff to handle, as barriers were broken down.

Therefore Napoli had to suspend sale of the tickets so calm could be restored at the four separate ticket booths.

Police complained that the structure of the ageing San Paolo is simply not equipped to deal with this many people, so could in future ban the sale of tickets directly at the stadium.

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