Saturday October 29 2011
Guidolin: 'Udinese are not Milan'

Francesco Guidolin is not too upset by Udinese losing their unbeaten record. “We are not Milan, Juventus or Napoli.”

The Friulani were alone on top of the table and had conceded only one goal before Wednesday's 2-0 defeat at the San Paolo.

“It wasn't a slip-up. We are not Milan, Juventus or Napoli, as if we don't play to 100 per cent capability then we can lose,” said the Coach.

Antonio Di Natale and Mauricio Isla missed that match and it looked like a different team, but they could be back against Palermo on Sunday.

“We do not depend on two or three players. Udinese have done well for the last 15 months in many different circumstances. Of course, players like Di Natale are decisive in any squad.

“Toto did not train today, as he still has pain in his leg, so I don't know if he'll be available for the match.”

Gabriel Torje had a great start to his Serie A experience, but has struggled in recent weeks.

“All youngsters need a little time, as Alexis Sanchez went through the same thing. Unfortunately I had to throw him into the mix straight away, as I'd have preferred to settle him in with more patience. He has great quality and will recover.”

This is a special match for Guidolin, who was repeatedly hired and fired by President Maurizio Zamparini during his time in Sicily.

“I know Palermo well, having worked there for four years. The team has talent and huge potential. Lately they have focused more on youth, but the quality level remains high. I don't know Devis Mangia, but he presented himself to Serie A with his results.”