Tuesday November 1 2011
Arrigoni: 'I can save Cesena'

Daniele Arrigoni explains why he agreed to take the Cesena job. “I believe we can achieve safety with this squad.”

The Cavallucci Marini sacked Marco Giampaolo on Sunday after just three draws and six defeats in Serie A.

It was reported Davide Ballardini and Gigi De Canio both turned down the post before Arrigoni, who is from Cesena, signed a contract until the end of this season.

“It's a dream for me to be here. I know Serie A and I believe we can achieve safety with this squad,” said the new Coach in today's Press conference.

“I'm thoroughly convinced that Cesena have a competitive side and can certainly improve. I saw almost all the games and the team could've done more.

“At the start of the season I thought Cesena would be in a different position by now, but I knew it would require a battle.”

The biggest problem has been goals, as they have scored only three times in nine games.

“I see Adrian Mutu as a support striker,” continued Arrigoni. “A great deal depends on what the players have within them, which is the first thing I told them when taking charge of training today.

“I personally think I do better when under pressure. We've got to start picking up points.”

President Igor Campedelli also spoke at the presentation Press conference of his new Coach.

“Arrigoni has very positive energy and the conviction of those who come from this land, so can give us real help in achieving safety. Cesena must always play with determination, whether they win or not.”

Campedelli was also asked about the two tacticians who turned down the job.

“No Coach made objections to the squad. I simply didn't see in them the same determination that I saw in Arrigoni. We have a contract to the end of the season without options.

“I felt the need to intervene, as Sunday's performance hurt me. I don't like to fire anyone, but after that we really could not continue.”