Thursday November 3 2011
Zamp: 'Palermo progress with Mangia'

Maurizio Zamparini has looked to put to bed growing concern surrounding Devis Mangia's future as Palermo Coach.

Doubts over Mangia's role at the Renzo Barbera have risen this week after Sean Sogliano's resignation as sporting director on Wednesday.

Sogliano was seen as having played a significant part in first bringing Mangia to Palermo and then instating him as Coach when Stefano Pioli was sacked two weeks before the season began.

With Sogliano having quarrelled with Zamparini and subsequently left, attention has turned to his ally Mangia, with the indication that the Coach's days could be numbered at the first sign of trouble.

However, as Corriere dello Sport report, Zamparini has looked to dispel fears of an imminent coaching reshuffle, confirming that he has already spoken with Mangia.

The President also confirmed who would replace Sogliano, at least in the short term.

"I had a wonderful meeting with Mangia. I confirmed my total confidence in him and have set a mandate to adjust his contract as I do not see him only as a primavera Coach.

"The vacancy following Sogliano's resignation will be filled by Luca Cattani, who is our chief scout. For everyone else we will continue and I hope that Mangia is Coach of Palermo for a long time."

Zamparini then shed light on why he felt Sogliano had quit.

"Sogliano came from a reality where perhaps he was used to acting as President and ds [sporting director].

"With me he could not fit in the role of ds, perhaps because he thought he had all the independence I would not have given even to [Luciano] Moggi.

"Yesterday I had hoped to mend the situation, he pointed out to me that our characters are too different and that maybe in three months we would fight again.

"I still trust him, because he is a serious boy, prepared and honest, I would hand him my wallet. But I could not give up Palermo."

However, Zamparini then confessed he is looking to take a more hands-off approach to the club in the near future.

"I'm tired of football, I am 70. I want to move to second in line and establish someone to replace me, an [Adriano] Galliani for Palermo, but I will not tell you his name."

It is thought that Zamparini is keen on Giorgio Perinetti, currently sporting director at Siena.

"I do not want to talk about Perinetti as at this time he is working for another club."

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