Sunday November 6 2011
Ferrara: 'The derby of my heart'

Ciro Ferrara played for both clubs and admits tonight’s Napoli-Juventus match leaves him torn. “I don’t know who to cheer on.”

The current Italy Under-21 Coach wore the jerseys of the Bianconeri and his hometown club during his long career.

In fact, he made his Serie A debut on May 5, 1985 at the San Paolo against Juventus, at the age of 18.

“This is the only match that really hurts me on an emotional level,” Ferrara told the Corriere dello Sport.

“I am fascinated by it, feel the tension of the wait and at the end of the day I don’t know who to cheer on, although my roots of course are with Napoli.

“On the other hand, I live in Turin and have so many friends in the Juve squad, while the Bianconeri fans consider me their representative.

Ferrara also worked as the Coach of Juventus for a brief time, but was fired after a run of poor results.

“Even if I was sacked, and I cannot deny that really left a bad taste in the mouth, my rapport with the club remains excellent.

“This fixture is like the derby of my heart. I have joy in seeing my two favourite clubs fight it out at the top of the table, but it also causes me problems and uncertainty, almost as if I’m splitting my past and my affections in two.

“I will be in the stadium with my son and we’ll let ourselves get swept up in the magical atmosphere that only Naples can give you on occasions like this. An entire city unites with the squad and begins to dream along with it.”