Tuesday November 8 2011
Del Piero hints at English future

Alessandro Del Piero drops another hint that he could continue his post-Juventus career in England. “I love the Premier League experience.”

The captain has confirmed he’ll carry on playing even after his contract expires on June 30, 2012.

The American MLS has been suggested as a likely destination as well as Swiss side Sion, but there are reportedly some English clubs showing an interest.

“Turin is my city, where I spent half my life and I have all my nearest and dearest. We grew up together, Turin and I,” he told France Football.

“I learned to appreciate English clubs right from my international debut, above all Manchester United. I love the Premier League experience, as the English approach the sport with passion and fair play.

“I also like the atmosphere, the spirit, the stadiums like Old Trafford and the attitude of the supporters. What is nicer than seeing fans of both teams together in the stadium without problems?

“I also have special bonds with France,” continued Del Piero. “Les Bleus made me cry a few times, while in other occasions they gave me great joy. I’ve had many French teammates and a Coach, Didier Deschamps.

“I still have an excellent rapport with all of them. For example, Zinedine Zidane came to a charity match I organised two years ago. He is still extraordinary!

“I love all sport, including American sports. In Los Angeles and Orlando I was at the NBA finals and had a lot of fun going to NFL and MLB matches too. In the last few weeks I’ll admit my mind was on New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup.”

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