Wednesday November 9 2011
Moggi: "I'm a scapegoat"

Luciano Moggi claims he is “a scapegoat” for Calciopoli after his civil trial result and slammed Juventus for turning on him.

The former Bianconeri director general was found guilty of sporting fraud by the Naples Tribunal last night and handed a five year and four month sentence, though it’s unlikely he will spend any of that time in prison.

“I didn’t expect this after all the evidence I provided in my defence, but probably the sentence was already written,” he told Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli.

“There are some shocking incongruities and we will certainly take this matter to an appeals court.”

Moggi and his lawyers claimed he could not have been at the head of an organisation to favour Juventus, Lazio and Fiorentina, because almost all the clubs – including Inter – regularly called referees.

“I hope the phrase ‘the law is equal for all men’ proves to be true. I am disappointed, obviously. After this trial I feel like a scapegoat.

“I have always lived for football, now this world has been torn away from me.”

Moggi was particularly riled by the reaction of Juventus, who released a statement claiming the trial verdict proved their “non-involvement” in the Calciopoli case.

“It is very strange if they washed their hands of it, seeing as Juventus went on to the field with their players and it certainly wasn’t Moggi on that pitch.

“In any case, Juve were a team of great champions and Ballon d’Or winners like Pavel Nedved, Zinedine Zidane and Fabio Cannavaro, plus an icon like Alessandro Del Piero.”

This week Zlatan Ibrahimovic also commented on the Calciopoli scandal and the two titles revoked from Juventus.

“It was all rubbish. The truth is our team was so strong that they had to take us down,” he wrote in his autobiography.

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