Thursday November 10 2011
Why Milan didn’t sign Klose…

Milan transfer guru Ariedo Braida has revealed why his club opted against signing new Lazio ace Miroslav Klose in the summer.

The German international, who has already scored six goals in 10 Serie A games for the Biancocelesti, was available on a free transfer from Bayern Munich.

“There were two main reasons why we didn’t get Klose,” Braida told Il Messaggero.

“The first was the striker’s desire to join a team who could guarantee him a first team shirt.

“Milan, Juventus and Inter already had players in his position and it would therefore have been difficult to meet such a desire.

“The second issue revolved around the attacker’s age,” the official continued.

“A club, which targets the title, would be ferociously criticised for signing a foreign 33-year-old, whose last two season’s were negative, if he struggled to adapt.

“When you invest on the transfer market you have to look to the future.

“Saying that, Klose’s CV remains of the highest level. He’s a champion on the international stage because he has scored those goals that nobody can place into doubt.”