Thursday November 10 2011
Ambrosini: ‘Ibra is like that’

Massimo Ambrosini has revealed that he and his Milan teammates are yet to speak to Zlatan Ibrahimovic about his controversial autobiography.

Talking to Sky, Milan’s captain gave his reaction to the ongoing publicity Ibra’s new autobiography is generating.

The Swede has been sharp and detailed in his criticism of a number of high-profile colleagues he has encountered in his career.

“Until a few days ago, we did not know anything about this book. And, when everyone started to read what he had written, he left to go on international duty.

“So we have not yet been able to talk with him. But what is said is him. And he is so. A character that is not trivial.

“Throughout his career Zlatan has learned to manage responsibility. He lives with it and shares it under certain pressures.

“He does little without responsibility. Everyone in this team has been made to feel important and Ibra has never held back.”

Ambrosini concluded with a more light-hearted reflection to the affair.

“Fortunately he has not destroyed others . If one writes a book, he has to then tell the truth. Certainly some stories do increase sales, but Ibrahimovic has not laid it on thick.”