Friday November 11 2011
Zamparini: "I never insulted a Coach"

Maurizio Zamparini concedes Palermo are “a work in progress,” but insists he has “never insulted a Coach.”

The fiery President is well known for sacking his tacticians and criticising their choices in public.

“Palermo are a work in progress. Devis Mangia is young and no longer has director of sport Sean Sogliano by his side, but the new DS Luca Cattani is working well.

“Perhaps we lack experience, but we will improve by allowing our youngsters to grow,” he told Radio Mana Mana.

“After so many years of football, I like to speak to journalists openly. This season, I have imposed a Press silence on myself until the Tuesday after a game, so I only comment on other teams.

“In my entire life I have never insulted a Coach. At times you journalists write lies to look for big headlines, but it’s not the truth.”