Sunday November 13 2011
Prandelli and Buffon's 'historic' trip

Cesare Prandelli and Gigi Buffon explain why Italy took part in a “historic” training session on land confiscated from the mafia.

The Azzurri were in Reggio Calabria today to hold a special session at the Rizziconi ground, which locals are afraid to use after it was confiscated by authorities from the ‘Ndrangheta mafia.

“We leave here enriched,” said Coach Prandelli. “We were particularly struck by the words of Don Ciotti and the passion of the fans. I am convinced we took part in a historic occasion.

“We are proud to have pushed for the Nazionale to come here. It is not just a challenge to the clans, but the idea of starting something new for this land and all of the country. We will follow up on this initiative. Don’t ever give up.”

Buffon also spoke to the media after meeting with the locals in Reggio Calabria, the poorest region in Italy.

“It was a moral duty for us to be here and you need a sense of responsibility for situations like this.

“Now many more people have to step on to the field and join together, from politicians to locals. We are all united by the values of liberty that run through every inhabitant of this land.

“We can only improve our culture one person at a time and by learning what was in the past, as that is what moves your conscience.”