Tuesday November 15 2011
Prandelli: 'Undeserved defeat'

Cesare Prandelli felt it was “absolutely an unfair result” after the Azzurri were beaten by Uruguay in Rome.

“It’s absolutely an unfair result, albeit against a very strong side, but I think we played a good game,” said the Coach of the 1-0 defeat.

It was an uphill struggle from the start, as Sebastian Fernandez scored in the opening three minutes.

“We tried to get back into the match and had great chances, but at times you need only a touch to get it into the net. From the very start this team tried to fight back into the game.

“Uruguay wouldn’t let us go on the counter and kept our strikers under pressure at all times.

“Obviously they are coming off third place in the World Cup and winning the Copa America, so their confidence is sky high. Italy, on the other hand, are working to get back on track after a poor 2010.

“It has been a strong season for us and in 2012 we have to work to become an even stronger team.”