Wednesday November 16 2011
Agnelli wants Calciopoli round table

Juventus President Andrea Agnelli held a Press conference calling for “a political round-table to discuss all the Calciopoli evidence.”

The Bianconeri had their bid to see Inter stripped of the 2005-06 Scudetto in the light of new wire-tap evidence rejected this week, as the TNAS tribunal ruled it was outside its jurisdiction.

CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) President Gianni Petrucci noted clubs should not attempt “doping of the law” by going beyond the sporting justice system to seek damages, prompting Agnelli to hold this evening’s conference.

“I heard President Petrucci’s statements and in my view he was explicitly referring to Juventus,” snapped Agnelli.

“The country is in a delicate phase right now and everyone should do their own job. I am very proud to be the President of Juventus, so that means I must defend the club’s interests.

“Juventus have always respected the rules and intend to continue doing so. The trial of 2006 lasted four months, while to get an answer now we have to wait for 14 months.

“This matter cannot help but become political, seeing as the Federal Counsel decided it could not make a decision on Calciopoli. Now we have to evaluate the best way to defend Juve’s interests and use every legal instrument at our disposal. The rules must be respected by everyone.”

Agnelli and his legal team claim Inter were guilty of similar conduct in the years leading up to the Calciopoli scandal, but their wiretapped phone calls were not used as evidence in the original trial.

When the FIGC was given the new evidence, its legal team noted the offences were now beyond the statute of limitations, so the 2005-06 Scudetto remains in their trophy cabinet.

“It’s true the atmosphere is getting heated from a legal point of view. We have decided to take a series of steps in the light of the sporting justice system’s responses,” continued Agnelli.

“CONI President Petrucci asked us to take a step back. I say we should all take a step forward together. We can bring harmony back to the sporting world. Football is a business worth hundreds of millions of Euros and it needs laws to regulate it.

“We are asking for the chief of Italian sport to call for a political round table. In order to reassure everyone, we have to bring in all the elements that emerged from 2006 to today, but also concentrate all our efforts on developing the sport.

“So much bitterness has been created by past events, but this round table would be a chance to bring calm back to the football community.”

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