Sunday December 12 2010
Malesani likens Ibra to financial crisis

Alberto Malesani jokes that “it's easier to find the money for Bologna than to stop Zlatan Ibrahimovic” in today's lunchtime kick-off.

The Rossoblu are struggling with the risk of bankruptcy and have already been docked one point for financial irregularities.

Despite this situation, they have fought their way to two consecutive victories against Cesena and Chievo.

“We've got to be even better to get something off Milan,” said the Coach. “We used a lot of energy in those two games, but knowing we could be docked more points is giving us extra motivation to make up that gap.

“We have to take the opportunity to show our qualities against Milan. We must make the most of our enthusiasm to be competitive on a psychological level too.

“We are aware that Milan are a stronger side than we are, but football is wonderful because anything can happen.

“It might be easier to find the money to save Bologna than it is to stop Ibra, but I hope my players can find the grit to face the Rossoneri,” joked Malesani.

“Massimiliano Allegri has been able to achieve great results thanks to the players and a smart transfer campaign.”

Bologna's situation is coming to a head at the end of this year, as the players have en masse taken legal action over unpaid wages.

“I agree with my lads, as with this gesture they wanted to give a hand to the city,” explained their tactician.

“It started the countdown and now there are just under three weeks for someone to step forward and save the club.”

So far President Sergio Porcedda has not found any new investors.