Thursday November 17 2011
Mihajlovic fired 'for his own good'

Fiorentina President Mario Cognini reveals why he simply had to fire Sinisa Mihajlovic. “It was for his own good.”

The Coach was constantly lambasted by the fans practically from the moment he took over and he was axed after the defeat to Chievo, making way for Delio Rossi.

“In general we tend to allow people to see out their contracts regardless of difficulties,” President Cognini told La Nazione newspaper.

“Mihajlovic’s work with his squad was an enviable experience, but in Verona we realised it was not possible to continue. It was for his own good.

“In that game it became very clear the distance between the Coach and his players, who stepped on to the field without the grit and determination typical of his teams. It was almost as if some of the players were going ‘against the tide’ to favour his dismissal.

“I realised the players no longer followed his directions. Fiorentina did not look like a side coached by Mihajlovic. I talked it over with Pantaleo Corvino and he took a night to decide.

“The game with Chievo marked the end of a chapter, but the players also have responsibility for this situation. Giving their all for the jersey is a duty and in Verona I saw few up to the task.”

On the other hand, Rossi has been welcomed with incredible enthusiasm, as 5,000 fans turned up to see his first training ground friendly match against a local side.

“I am certain there will be many fans on Saturday against Milan and we’ll rediscover that passion we had missed in the last few weeks.

“Our new Coach could not have asked for a more difficult fixture to make his debut, especially as Rossi has not been able to work with all the players this week due to international duty.

“I am certain that, stimulated by an impressive opponent, our players will want to prove how talented they really are.”