Friday November 18 2011
Why does Matri wear No 32?

Juventus’ Alessandro Matri has revealed that he wears the No 32 shirt as a thank you to Cristian Brocchi of Lazio.

“I know a lot of people in football, but I have few friends,” the international told Canale 5 in an interview.

“My most important friend is Brocchi though.

“I wanted to wear the number he does because he has always believed in me – even during those moments when there was no reason to.”

Matri and Brocchi both grew up in the Milan youth system before going on to play for other clubs in the future.

“Milan believed in me and invested a lot in me. I’m grateful to them, but I’m happy with Juventus right now.”

Matri, 27, joined the Old Lady on loan from Cagliari before signing for the Bianconeri outright in the summer.

“I’d love to play in the Champions League,” added the former Lumezzane man. “I am the age that I am and yet I still haven’t played a single game in that competition.

“I want Juve to finish in the top three this season so that I can get the chance to play in the tournament next year.”