Saturday November 19 2011
Malesani urges Genoa revival

Alberto Malesani will not stand for anything other than a win from Genoa against Novara. “We’ve got to get back on track.”

The Rossoblu started the campaign with great hopes, but have hit numerous problems and were beaten by Fiorentina before the break for international duty.

“In these two weeks the team has worked very hard on both defence and attack. We are ready for the Novara challenge,” said Malesani.

“We know this is going to be a complicated encounter, because we’re playing against a side who’ll pour in all their desire to stay in Serie A. If we want to get back on track and keep up the pace, then we absolutely must bring home the three points.”

Dario Dainelli has recovered for at least a spot on the bench, but the Coach admits to some concerns.

“I still have a few doubts on whether to start both Dainelli and Bosko Jankovic, for different reasons.

“Miguel Veloso will certainly give a helping hand to this team and prove how much he deserves to be in the Portugal squad. I also have a great deal of faith that Andrea Caracciolo will wake up.”


Genoa squad: Frey, Lupatelli; Antonelli, Dainelli, Granqvist, Mesto, Moretti; Birsa, Constant, Jorquera, Kucka, Merkel, Sampirisi, Seymour, Veloso; Caracciolo, Jankovic, Palacio, Pratto