Monday November 21 2011
Mangia’s irritation at Press

Devis Mangia and Palermo have both expressed their frustration at continued questions over the Coach’s relationship with President Maurizio Zamparini.

Since sporting director - and friend to Mangia - Sean Sogliano resigned citing a poor working relationship with Zamparini, reports have focused and speculated on the young Coach’s own rapport with the President.

Despite signing a two-year contract since Sogliano’s departure, a report in Monday’s Il Corriere dello Sport indicated that Zamparini was extremely upset and concerned with Palermo’s performance at Juventus. The 3-0 defeat was club’s fourth consecutive away loss, whilst the Rosanero have yet to score on the road this season.

However, the Rosanero have subsequently issued a statement denying Zamparini had made any statements or intimations to Il Corriere dello Sport.

“The owner did not grant any interviews yesterday, given the desire to not make statements immediately post-match to Juventus-Palermo. The President, who has not given technical judgements about the game or the work of Devis Mangia, is disappointed because once again his thoughts have been misrepresented.”

Mangia also gave his take on the media’s continued focus on the issue, admitting it is getting on his nerves now.

“I’ve not heard from Zamparini, I’ll [meet with him] very calmly, as always. It is right that the President expresses his thoughts, I’m not here to comment on his views but to coach the team.

“We lost, but in the first half we played the game. If we then look for controversy at all costs it can get a little tiresome.”