Wednesday November 23 2011
De Rossi keeps Roma on edge

Daniele De Rossi is keeping Roma fans on edge with his contract negotiations and revealed his row with Francesco Totti.

The ‘Future Captain’ could well leave his hometown club on a free transfer, as his deal expires in June 2012 and no deal has yet been reached.

“Will I reassure fans on my future? But the heart is made to palpitate...” was his cryptic response on Radio2 Rai.

“I have fun in my work and what’s more earn incredible wages. I know that I am lucky, but I’m not ashamed of how much I earn. The market sets the prices and football moves stratospheric figures now, so it’s only normal these wages come along with them.

“As for that nickname, the only captain is Francesco Totti. I will only take the armband when the current captain, or rather the captain of any era, retires.

“We are very different people in more or less every aspect of our personalities, but we have always got along well. Francesco is your classic Roman and seems almost from another era, as he is so confident, almost arrogant and brings a light within him.

“He represents something unique in this city. It’s true he can get offended a little easily and we have argued in the past. We didn’t talk for a while. The reason? I can’t even remember, it was a long time ago...”